"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them"

-Marcus Aurelius

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GUILD WARS 2 COMMISSIONS and also anything else you want me to draw probably

a few people asked yesterday if i would be willing to do commissions of their guild wars 2 characters and i am really broke and in kind of a tight spot right now so yes if there is interest i would love to do commissions

$20 - headshot of one character or a more complex but uncolored sketch like one of these

$25 -no color/minimal color full body sketch (+5 per character)

$30 - colored sketch

$35 - full body shot

(these are really old and not even guild wars 2, sorry, god)

i will draw

  • your ocs
  • your friends ocs
  • canon characters
  • kissing
  • shipping

i will not draw

  • explicit stuff
  • extreme violence
  • stuff without a visual reference (in other words please show me a picture of the character you want instead of describing them)

you can send me an ask here (preferred, at least at first, since i check my askbox pretty frequently) or email me at kmb0396@gmail.com if you are interested.  my paypal email is falconpaunch@yahoo.com when youre ready to pay.

thank you so much for your interest happy easter xbox

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Being given back over 500 unidentified dyes I decided to open them all(because I’m a gambler with problems). I was left with TONS of dyes I can give away! So if you would like to expand YOUR dye collection, please feel free join in this giveaway!

  • First place: 20 Gold + 29 Green + 150 blue of choice or be given a bundle.
  • Second place: 10 Gold + 20 Green + 55 blue of choice or be given a bundle.
  • Third place: 5 Gold + 15 Green + 25 blue of choice or be given a bundle.
  • Fourth place: 5 Gold + 10 Green + 15 blue of choice or be given a bundle.

How and Answers:

  • All you need to do to participate is to leave your in game ID and tumblr URL in this form so I can contact you if you’ve won! (CLICKING THE ABOVE LINK SENDS YOU TO A GOOGLE FORM. tumblr URL is optional, but it would be nice so I can check out your blog^-^)
  • Because there’s so many dyes being given away the reward will be given over a course of a week(but most likely within a few days), this is because of my schedule and because I’ve to send multiple emails!
  • How you’ll be able to pick dyes: Every winner will be able to pick gold, green and blue dyes. However, you can only pick one of Black, Celestial or White, each of the winners will receive either one of these! 
  • If you have won and you are going to pick blue dyes, please look here for the dyes available. I’ve multiple of some of them so tell me the ones you want, and I will let you know if I have it available and if I don’t you can request another one. Don’t worry, I’ve more than 280 blue dyes, but if someone has picked one I’ve only 1 of, please make sure you’ve an alternative you’d want.
  • You don’t have to like, reblog or follow me! I appreciate it if you do so more people can join in(and I can see the interest for giveaways), but this is not mandatory and wont increase your chances, so don’t worry about that!
  • I will pick a winner on the 28th of April!

Please check back once a while, as I might update the How and Answers part as I go along! :)

Good luck!

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Ourobore Caves, Harathi Hinterlands.


Ourobore Caves, Harathi Hinterlands.

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modern day rebels

This makes me happy

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Same man, different costume

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Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”

this is an important thing to remember.

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me in math class


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